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At Joya, we are adventurers at heart and encourage our guests to explore all that Santa Teresa has to offer. From world-class surf lessons and yoga to secret beaches and waterfall hikes, there are endless activities - both relaxing and immersive. 


Connect your mind, body, and spirit with holistic spa treatments, massages, yoga and pilates classes, and tropical juice cleanses - all given, taught, or made by sought-after specialists and healers. 


Ride through the jungle on an ATV, climb waterfalls, gallop down the beach on horseback, zipline through the canopy, sail into the horizon, hike through our pristine natural reserves, and surf our world-class waves. No matter your age or ability, there is an adventure here for you.


Explore our vibrant local culture by dining out, perusing local shops, and even dancing the night away at a sunset beach bonfire. While we love every part of this place, the culture is why we stayed. Discover why Santa Teresa is a magnetic destination and what "pura vida" really means.